Pilot book cover

Pilot is now available for purchase from Spork Press.

Pilot is a delight to read. A new kind of erasure, the book pulls its raw materials from the popular TV series Lost, speaking from a common source through borrowed tongues. Several "machine" poems in the book were written with the assistance of a fizzbuzz computer application. Like the Odyssey's Penelope, LeMay weaves a tapestry within carefully set boundaries, only to unravel what's been wrought and repeat, repeat, repeat.

The landscape of the book is constructed at the crux of lyric and the image and invites the reader in. It looks like a jungle that's caught fire. Amid flames, the limits of confession and the confine
s of agency come into question. The voice is intimate; the gaze is violent.

Ultimately, Pilot is a book about recovery and human connection. How do we save one another in a nearly consumed, increasingly isolated world?

 Cover art by Richard Siken.