Ablation is an elegy to Stegeman LeMay's mom, who died in 2020, and, simultaneously, a love letter to Stegeman LeMay's young daughter. The book was written in the liminal spaces opened by birth, death, and trauma. It contains poems, hybrid text, images as windows and thread as a form of healing. The book’s materials coalesce and surface, waves washing along the thresholds of control and chaos, form and formlessness. These thresholds become points of divergence, where what’s essential is carried forward, where all else is transformed and unshored.

Cover art by Mike Corrao.




Pilot is a delight to read. A new kind of erasure, the book pulls its raw materials from the popular TV series Lost, speaking from a common source through borrowed tongues. Several "machine" poems in the book were written with the assistance of a fizzbuzz computer application. Like the Odyssey's Penelope, LeMay weaves a tapestry within carefully set boundaries, only to unravel what's been wrought and repeat, repeat, repeat.

Cover art by Richard Siken.



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