Thanks to the editors and curators who published these works. When possible, a link is provided to the material.

>: "Editor's Note" to Sporklet Issue #15 (November 2020), which I guest edited.

 >: Excerpts from Ablation: "[Covered]"; and "[When I]". Literary Mama. November/December 2020.

>: "A Window into 'Later'" (prose/photo essay response to a poem by Susan Hutton). Contributor's Marginalia for 32 Poems. (November 2020).

>: Excerpts from Ablation: "[A glacier moves through]"; "[See through the window]"; "[Atrium: open-roofed entrance]"; "[I want to show]";"[All my life fitted]"; and "[A glacier's weight]"Word for/ Word. Issue #35 (Summer 2020).

>: Excerpts from Ablation: "[River-]" and "[Treefall]". 32 Poems 18.1 (Summer 2020).

>: Selections from We Are LOST (Pilot): "{S01E14: Special}"; "{S01E15: Homecoming}"; "{S01E16: Outlaws}"; and "{S01E18: Numbers}". Sporklet Issue #10 (March 2018).

>: Selections from God Is in the Mall: "Zales 126:2 NLT"; "the skies display marvelous craftsmanship"; "Jesus--a marvelous model"; "money: deal with it"; and "Skechers: 22:6 NLT". Word for/ Word. Issue #30 (Summer 2017).

>: “Dystopia, with Taylor Swift.” Forklift, OH. Issue #33 (Fall 2016).

>: “Repair”; “River”; and “Danger Pantoum.” Poetry City, USA. Volume #6 (October 2016).

>: “Garden/Garden.” CutBank Literary Journal. Issue #84 (Spring 2016).

>: "Train Interior, with Uma Thurman." Poetry City, USA. Volume #4 (March 2014).

>:  “White Rabbit.” Everyday Genius. (July 2013).

>: Selections from We Are LOST (Pilot): “Tabula Rasa”; “ Walkabout”; and “Parachute.”  Alice Blue Review. (February 2013).

>: “Pilot” and “Astronaut.” Lo-Ball. 1:1 (Spring 2011).

>: “It Is Paper You Know” and “Ghosts.” Noo Journal. Issue #11 (2010).

>: "Dark Ride". Call + Response. Exhibit #1 (2010).

>: “Panacea.”  HTMLGiant’s Sunday Service. (December 2009).

>: “The Houses Arrange Themselves Almost.” Juked. (July 2009).

>: “on letting go” and “backmasking.”  La Fovea. (Spring 2008).

>: “The Blood of the Lamb.” Cimarron Review. Issue #163 (Spring 2008).

>: “Here.”  Denver Quarterly.  41:4 (Summer 2007).